VAT and Customs Consultancy

VAT Solutions:
The new VAT law increases the pressure on exact knowledge of the legislation and the associated practice. With us you can meet your tax obligations, avoid risks, and keep the weight of your indirect tax burden bearable. In this connection we assist you, among other things, with the following:
• in mergers, acquisitions or sales of all types
• in all steps of a transaction, from strategic planning of VAT, to due diligence, negotiations and implementation, to integration
• questions regarding group taxation
• Questions regarding procedural law
• in connection with VAT controls and VAT audits
• representing you in appeals procedures
• with fiscal representations in Switzerland and abroad via our international network
International VAT Consultation
More and more countries rely on indirect taxation. Complexity, formalism, and frequency of reforms in foreign VAT laws are increasing. It is well-worth having a specialist by your side. In this connection we assist, among other things, in the following:
• Optimizing tax strategy and processes
• Restructuring the flows of goods and services
• Reducing VAT taxation abroad and finding efficient ways for refunds
• in VAT registration (fiscal representation) and compliance in the EU and worldwide
• in the adaptation of IT systems, such as SAP
Customs Duty and Fees:
As an enterprise with international trade in goods, important goals are to comply with strict regulations, to control costs and, at the same time, become more efficient. In this connection we assist you, among other things, in the following:
• examing national and international customs processes, and identify risks and potential for optimization
• in customs disputes
• in applications for facilitation of procedures
• in reliable customs information
• in information on innovations in Switzerland, the EU and worldwide
• in preferential origin of goods, in movement of goods certificates through our international network regarding VAT and customs aspects, and to find efficient ways for obtaining refunds, worldwide, as well as long-term supplier’s declarations.

Finance and Accounting

Accounting is one of an organization’s most important management tools. Upon request, we will provide you with customized evaluations on a monthly, quarterly or half-year basis so that you always know where your business stands as well as its financial condition.
Our customers‘ needs can vary widely. Our services range from support in the form of information and review, to complete accounting and all ancillary work, such as preparation of VAT statements as well as tax returns.
Here is an excerpt of our services:
• Managing financial accounting
• Preparing annual and interim financial statements
• Maintaining sub-ledgers (accounts receivable/payable)
• Payroll accounting, including personnel administration and social insurance
• Reporting/Evaluations
• Financial and liquidity planning
• Business plans (planning budgets)
• Organizational regulations
• Risk assessment
• Dunning and collection procedures
• International Accounting

Individual. Flexible. Uncomplicated - The Online Business Software

We collaborate with various internet rental software providers. According to your needs, we offer flexible and easily manageable solutions, with which you can easily and comfortably access your accounting data anytime and independent of the internet.
Highest flexibility and extensive services
You can handle your bookkeeping online with a large number of individual modules that can be used immediately.
• Financial accounting
• Accounts receivable and payable
• Payroll accounting
• Activity recording and project accounting
• Order processing
• Electronic banking
• Document scanning

We like to advise you of our suppliers:

Fiscal Representation

In principle, an entrepreneur in Switzerland becomes subject to VAT (VAT-liable) if he operates a company, i.e. independently pursues a professional or commercial activity geared towards the sustained generation of income from services, and acts externally under his own name. This also applies to companies domiciled abroad but operated in Switzerland.
A foreign company that operates and is taxable in Switzerland must be represented by a representative established in Switzerland (fiscal representative).
A fiscal representative represents the foreign company/entrepreneur who has authorized him to do so in matters of VAT or turnover tax before the Swiss tax administation.
The fiscal representative basically has all the rights and obligations that the foreign entrepreneur himself would have. In particular, it assumes the obligations to submit all tax returns due, and other (statistical) reports in due time, and to settle any resulting tax liability.
A fiscal representative is also required if a foreign entrepreneur only wants to reclaim the VAT paid in Switzerland (submit a tax refund request).
Switzerland recognizes as fiscal representative any natural or legal person residing or registered in Switzerland – preferably, such fiscal representation is by a trustee corporation specialized in VAT regulations.


Companies domiciled abroad that were exempted from tax liability until the end of 2014 because they have only supplied goods subject to delivery tax in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein, are taxable beginning January 1, 2015 if they have generated at least CHF 100,000 in annual sales in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

This applies in particular to companies in the construction and ancillary building industry.

1) Anyone who generates less than CHF 100,000 in taxable services in Switzerland and Liechtenstein is exempt from tax liability.

Our Human-Resources (HR) Services

a&o kreston ag has trained HR and social security specialists who are happy to assist and relieve you from your burdens in this area so that you have the time to concentrate on your core competencies.
Regardless of whether you have just a few or several hundred employees, nationally and/or internationally, whether you want a complete transfer of HR tasks, or only portions, locally at your place or ours – we are always at your disposal as a competent partner. Our services are modular and can be ordered individually according to your wishes and needs. They include, among others:

General Personnel Administration

• Coordination and clarifications on Social Insurance
• Coordination and clarifications on Tax Administration (withholding tax)
• Processes regarding work and residence permits/ID cards
• Administration in connection with employee entries and departures
• Absence management (manage accident and sick leave)

International Personnel Administration

• Obtaining/renewing residence and work permits
• Clarifying social insurance coverage for international work assignments
• Advice on tax issues
• Advice on the posting of employees abroad
• Assistance for expatriates


• Processing of monthly salary data/changes
• Creation of monthly pay slips
• Creation and verification of annual salary statements
• Creation of accounting vouchers for bookkeeping
• Interface with accounting / periodic reconciliation
• Salary payments

Case-related and subject-specific support

• Employment law support and provision of information
• Preparation of employment contracts
• Preparation of regulations/instructions or employee handbook
• Budgeting

Succession Planning

In Switzerland, there are around 300,000 small and medium-sized businesses with around 3.2 million employees. Around 26% of these companies will be handed over to a successor in the next 5 years. In 2005, it was still 19% of companies.
There are many different ways to transfer a business to a successor. The following list is not exhaustive:
• Management Buy-out (MBO)
• Management Buy-in (MBI)
• Investment or takeover by a financial investor
• Initial public offering (IPO)
• Sale to another company
• Merger with another company
• Family succession
• Liquidation
In succession planning, many questions arise for the entrepreneur as well as for the successor, be it in terms of legal, personnel, financial or organizational issues.
Our specialists, consisting of attorneys, trustees and tax experts, support you in every phase, from the search to the final transfer of your company.

Professional Board Activity

The right mix of competencies and commitment of the entire Board of Directors is crucial. We understand our work as immediate and direct support of your work on the Board of Directors. A good Board of Directors is characterized by “right“ members. This can be assumed if the members, through their existing knowledge, experience and characteristics, meet the needs of the individual company. In this regard, we support you, among other things:
• In that we assume the function of the Secretary of the Board of Directors: pursuant to Art. 712, para. 1 CO, the Board of Directors must also appoint, in addition to a Chairman, a secretary, who does not necessarily have to be a member of the Board of Directors. Through his work, he contributes significantly to ensuring that the management of the company and the work on the Board of Directors is efficient and effective; among other things, by preparing the invitation to the board meetings, including the agenda, with clearly formulated proposals. He is also responsible for ensuring that all legal and formal requirements are met at Board meetings, and that professional minutes are kept – for reasons of transparency as well as accountability and liability.
• in that we assume the role of a member of the Board of Directors: As a result, ideally all members have a common basis, but this does not mean that every single director should have the same knowledge, experience or qualities. Rather, this means that all members need to understand “the business“, that is, the fundamentals of business operations, the risks, or the industry specifics of each company. In doing so, members who have a thorough knowledge of the company through their previous internal work, and those who have a strong knowledge of the industry, are indispensable for a successful future strategy. The same applies to expert knowledge: In this sense, for example, basic accounting skills are recommended for all members, however, it is sufficient if at least one member of the Board of Directors is a designated financial expert. We can provide this expert for the Board of Directors.

Tax Consultation

The tax landscape in Switzerland is undergoing constant change. Therefore, it is always appropriate to think about existing structures of the company and to make any needed adjustments. There are also changes for natural persons every year that have to be taken into account in the tax return. Our tax department supports you in these moments competently and practice-oriented.
For companies we offer the following services:
• Tax planning, taking into account national and international aspects
• Restructuring, consulting on corporate and group structures
• Mergers &  Acquisitions as well as takeovers
• Joint Ventures
• Liquidations
• Tax planning in the context of equity and debt financing
• Advice on immigration or relocation abroad, including finding suitable housing options
• Preparation of tax returns and review of tax assessments
• Negotiations with tax authorities
• Obtaining tax rulings
• Representation before all tax authorities
• Tax and social security advice in connection with employees (expense regulations, employee participation plans, etc.)
• Advice on customs duties
For natural persons we offer the following services:
• Tax planning, taking into account national and international provisions and benefit aspects
• Preparation of expert reports
• Negotiations with tax authorities (so-called tax rulings)
• Obtaining preliminary tax rulings
• Support in tax audits
• Representation in objections and appeals proceedings
• Advice on inheritance and gift tax issues
• Advice on property gains tax issues
• Assistance with taking up residence in Switzerland and supporting expatriates
• Preparing tax returns and checking tax assessments

Tax declaration process

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Sobald wir Ihre Unterlagen angeschaut haben, melden wir uns bei Ihnen. Wir schätzen unseren Aufwand für Ihre Steuererklärung, nennen unseren Preis und informieren zu Terminen.

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Beratung und Betreuung

Wenn Fragen zu Steuerbelangen auftauchen, sind wir jederzeit gerne für Sie da. Wir beraten Sie zu allen Steuerfragen und vertreten Ihre Interessen gegenüber Steuerbehörden.

Our Trust Services

Thanks to a good combination of qualified staff and an excellent network of different partners, we offer a full range of trust services for small and medium-sized businesses as well as individuals. Due to the continuous training of employees, high quality of consulting services is achieved.
Local roots, customer proximity and good relations with the authorities are very important to us. The individual requests and wishes of our customers are included in the planning and execution of the respective mandate and are taken into account.
Here are some select trust services:
• Assumption of the selected board, the management or foundation mandates
• Administration of companies and associations
• Foundations of corporations and partnerships
• Liquidations
• Succession arrangements
• Secretarial services (incl. telephone service)
• Administration (back office)
• Infrastructure development, for example, at startups or settlements (takeover of in-house services or logistics work)
• Arranging for and renting of office and conference rooms
• Will executor mandates
• Tax advice
• Probate and retirement planning
• Advice and support in the administration of the money laundering act
• Payroll Accounting, Personnel Administration and Labor Law
• Business consulting
• Bookkeeping, accounting, reporting
• Family Office activities
• Auditing

Management Consultancy

Companies are changing constantly and need to adapt accordingly. Processes have to be adapted. New situations require new knowledge. The business consultancy of a&o kreston ag supports you in those moments, competently and practice-oriented.
Often, SME owners are so absorbed in their company’s operational leadership that strategic considerations, as well as risk management, are neglected. Business owners should take the time to identify risks with the help of experienced consultants. Also, examine those risks from the standpoint of your corporate structure.
We have broad-based knowledge in various disciplines within our company, as well as outside via various networks. Our specialists in the fields of finance, taxation, law and computer science guarantee a solution that looks after your interests.
We accompany you in individual aspects, or during the entire process, be it in a succession solution, in the restructuring of your company, or in the management of difficult situations. In this regard we support you, among other things, in the following:
• Company valuations
• Company acquisitions and sales
• Startups
• Startup- and financing advice
• Creation of business plans
• Turnaround consultancy/restructurings
• Appraisal activities
• Settlements
• Succession planning

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Beratung und Betreuung

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Beratung bei der a&o kreston ag durch mit unseren Startup-Experten. Strategiefestlegung und Auftragserteilung durch den Auftraggeber.

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Vorbereitung der Gründungsunterlagen durch die a&o kreston ag und Zustellung der Unterlagen per E-Mail.

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Erhalt der Bankbestätigung über die Kapitaleinzahlung Terminvereinbarung mit dem Notariat.


3 – 5 Arbeitstage

Öffentliche Beurkundung der Gründungsdokumente beim Notariat und Zustellung der Gründungsunterlagen an das Handelsregisteramt.

Eintragung im Handelsregister

Durschnittlich 10 – 12 Tage

Mit dem Unternehmen durchstarten.


• Official auditors in accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations (limited and ordinary audits)
• Special audit
• Foundation, capital increase and reduction audits
• Audit of consolidated financial statements according to stock corporation law and company guidelines
• Auditing according to accounting standards: IFRS, Swiss GAAP FER, etc.
• Reporting according to stock corporation law, customer-oriented explanatory notes and internal reports
• Special audits and reports
• Due diligence
Auditing services are provided by a&o KRESTON ortag ag (CHE-102.312.698), in Zürich